• Enrich Your Knowledge

    Using quizzes, interactive activities, and videos this online course will help you understand the importance behind retailing. Also, this course is approved for continuing education credit in select states.

  • Learn At Your Own Pace

    Your access to the course lasts 60 days. You may take the course at your own pace, stopping and starting as it fits your schedule.

  • Earn a Certificate

    Once you pass the final exam with a score of 70%+, you can generate a certificate of completion.

What to Expect

This course will take you through the following:

How to organize a working environment that is properly equipped and meets safety standards.

The most successful way to carry out a proper and efficient client consultation.

How to properly perform a proper brazilian waxing procedure

Brazilian Waxing

Learn how to perform a safe and effective brazilian bikini wax on your clients.


  • Why should I attend this course?

    This course supports salon and spa professionals in learning how to perform a successful brazilian wax by covering topics like: Tips on safety and preparing the treatment area, the client consultation, the service (including pre-care and post-treatment care), and much more. Enroll today.

  • How is this course structured?

    This course will begin with an introduction of what to expect. Then you will have the chance to download resources that you may want to reference during the course. Once that is complete you can view the course that consists of 4 lessons. After the course there will be a 10-question final exam, once you pass with a 70%+, you can download your certificate of completion.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    Yes. Immediately following the course you’ll be able to download your certificate of completion.