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What to Expect

Proper hair preparation and foundations for upstyling

The importance of hair preparation

How to get rid of the frizz, giving you a clean look

Innovative techniques & tips to cut your styling time in half

One versatile style that can easily be transitioned from a down-do into an updo

About the Presenter

Lala Chihaia

Lala is a bridal stylist and educator who travels around the world sharing her passion for upstyling with fellow artists through her Educational Program and Hair Show performances. Founder of Lala’s Tools & owner of Lala's Updos Bridal Studio, Lala has over 15 years of experience and has been published in all the prestigious magazines.

Lala has become a leader in the bridal industry through her large variety of styles and her innovative educational tutorials. People around the world fell in love with the beauty of her styles and simplicity of her techniques, being a source of inspiration for professionals, accumulating over 1M social media followers.

Lala Chihaia

Hair Preparation is the most important step in any updo, braid, loose style, whatever style you want to create.

Lala’s Styling Prep Tool is a customized, specialty tool that is the secret weapon of leading styling artists, and it can now be your secret weapon too! With Lala’s Tool, you can work faster and create styles that last longer. 

To learn more, visit Lala's website, follow @lalasupdos, and follow @lalastools on Instagram. 

Become a bridal stylist (or just create the perfect hairstyles and updos)!


  • Why should I enroll in this on-demand webinar?

    If you want to be a bridal stylist or just want to create the perfect hairstyles, this webinar is an important foundation for you. You will learn everything about Hair Prep, the most important step in any style you want to create, and a lot of tips and tricks you can apply to all styling work. Register now!

  • How is this on-demand webinar structured?

    Lala Chihaia will be covering a variety of topics surrounding hairstyling and updos such as: hair prep, how to get rid of frizz, innovative techniques, and much more. . Following the webinar there will be a brief quiz to test your knowledge, as well as a feedback form. Once you complete those, you can download your certificate of completion.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    Yes. Immediately following your completion of the course, you’ll be able to download your certificate.