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What to Expect

This webinar will cover:

Slide cutting and texturizing

What main shears are needed to do most haircuts

A demonstration of the hottest current look

Learn correct cutting form, ensuring career-long health

About the Presenter

Wendy Mongiardo

Wendy Mongiardo is a cuban-born hairdresser based in Miami, She owns and operates one of Miami’s premiere salons, Studio Raūpo, where she specializes in haircutting and styling.

Wendy started cutting hair at 17 years old. She sees hair as a form of sculpture and uses her intuition to guide her. She believes it is more important to bring out peoples true self rather than fitting them into current trends, which gives her a distinct style that has made her one of Miami’s most sought after hairdressers. She has done work for film, editorial and styled for multiple years of NY Fashion week.

Follow Wendy on Instagram, @wendy.mongiardo and see her beautiful salon, Studio Raūpo.

Carlos Estrella

SENSEI Shear Systems designs and sells high-quality hair shears. Over the years they've perfected their product design, ergonomic excellence, and material build for remarkable results. Their shears are also made with a cutting-edge, zero gravity tension system, which prevents hair folding and inefficient cutting. 

Welcome to SENSEI Shear Systems, visit their website or follow them on Instagram, today!

Learn how to work with shears in a way that's ergonomically healthy for your hands.


  • How do I attend this live webinar?

    Once you sign up for the live webinar on Milady Training, you will receive an email with instructions for how to access it.

    You will be instructed to login to your Milady Training account and a video will be provided to you within the Milady Training course.

  • How is this live webinar structured?

    Wendy Mongiardo will be covering a variety of topics, such as: how to use shears in a way that's ergonomically healthy, the main shears needed for most haircuts, a live haircutting demonstration, and much more. During the live, 90-minute webinar, you’ll be able to ask questions within the chat, interact with other students and professionals, and share how you benefit from our live webinar. Following the live webinar, you can download your certificate of completion.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    Yes. Immediately following the live webinar, you’ll be able to download your certificate of completion.

  • What if I miss the live webinar?

    Don’t worry. If you miss the live webinar, it will be available on-demand in March.