As you prepare for your salon, spa, or barbershop's reopening, this is the perfect time to refresh yourself on infection control measures and safe work practices to best protect you and your clients. You are already meeting many of these guidelines, but clients will appreciate knowing their salon, spa, or barbershop is clean, ready for service, and taking extra precautions. What’s more, your professional reputation, your license, and your clients' safety depend on it.

Get ready to answer these questions

Your clients will be expecting, and sometimes demand, that you go above and beyond to protect them.

  • How many people are allowed in the salon at once?

  • Do you use a clean cape/robe for each service?

  • What kind of training you and your staff have when it comes to infection control?

  • Do you require clients to wear a mask? Will you be wearing a mask? Will the salon be providing masks?

  • Do you clean and disinfect your workstation including your client chair, shampoo bowls, implements, tools and anything else that I may come in contact with?

  • What type of disinfectants do you use?

  • How do I pay for services? Can I pay digitally or do I need to use your credit card machine?

Download a grand reopening checklist

Always follow your state and local laws and guidance for when it's time to reopen. This is a sample guide of what you might be required to do.