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What to Expect

This webinar will help you:

Identify a variety of teaching methods to spice up those lessons you love to hate.

Learn how to easily integrate activities into your lesson.

Follow a systematic approach to bring even the dullest of lessons to life.

About the Presenter

Lisha Barnes

Lisha Barnes, the Academic Development Manager for Milady, is responsible for developing and delivering the Master Educator instructor training program, Master Educator online Instructor series, and Milady’s Instructor Facebook Group. She also provides support to schools with curriculum development and product knowledge.

Lisha received a B.S. in Communications and is a licensed Cosmetologist, Barber and Instructor. Her thorough understanding of the cosmetology school industry comes from over 30 years of hands-on experience serving in various roles, including Instructor, Director of Education, Admissions and Financial Aid, Accreditation including serving as NACCAS Commissioner, and School Administrator for multiple private cosmetology schools.

Lisha has worked on numerous writing projects for Milady and various industry publications. She has presented hundreds of courses to thousands of educators across her career via school trainings, state associations events and national conferences such as CEA and AACS.

Lisha Barnes Headshot

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Prepare, plan, and deliver lesson plans for the most challenging subjects that engage even the most unengaged learner.


  • Will this webinar count toward Master Educator Credits?

    No, this webinar will not count toward Master Educator Certification credits.

  • Why should I attend this live webinar?

    We all have subjects that we don't like. Some classes aren't quite as fun to teach as others. But this webinar will cover how to create lesson plans for the most challenging subjects that will engage even the most unengaged learner.

  • How do I attend this live webinar?

    Once you sign up for the live webinar on Milady Training you will receive an email with instructions for how to access it.

    You will be instructed to login to your Milady Training account and download Zoom Client to ensure a smooth process when the webinar begins.

  • How is this live webinar structured?

    Before the live webinar, you'll have a chance to download a workbook that will be useful to you during the training. During the live one-hour webinar, you’ll be able to ask questions within the chat, interact with other instructors, and share how you've benefitted from our live webinar. Following the live webinar, you can download your certificate of completion.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    Yes. Immediately following the live webinar, you’ll be able to download your certificate of completion.

  • What if I miss the live webinar?

    Don’t worry. If you miss the live webinar, it will be available on-demand for 7-days following the webinar. Then, it will be available for purchase on-demand this Winter.

  • Is Milady offering other live webinars?

    Please refer to this page to view upcoming webinars.