Preparing for Beauty School

The beauty industry allows you to combine your passion and hard work to reach your goals and make a difference.

How YOU Can Make a Difference by Becoming a Beauty Professional

You might have landed on this article because you've been thinking about going to beauty school, but something is giving you pause. Maybe it's a Negative Nellie in your life who's telling you that the beauty profession isn't a serious career. Or maybe you're questioning whether a career in beauty will be rewarding enough. Whatever your reason for landing here, we hope what we're about to say helps.

Questions That All Future & Newly Licensed Beauty Pros Should Ask Themselves

Maybe you've been thinking about entering the beauty and wellness industry for a while now. Or maybe you're a recent beauty school graduate who's eager to make a mark. Either way, this article is for you.

Beauty School Tips: Advice from Beauty Pros to Their Younger Selves

Even the most successful beauty professionals sometimes wish they could go back in time and give advice to their younger selves. It's human nature, after all. So we thought it would be interesting to ask some of these beauty pros what they'd say. We hope you find inspiration and helpful advice in this article.

What Does it Mean to be Beauty Professional?

Have you shared your beauty school aspirations with a family member or friend, only to have the person dismissively say, "That's not a real school"?

The claims swirling around—like beauty school is a "backup" or "second option"—are incorrect. We're doing a huge disservice to ourselves and to the people coming up behind us if we allow these myths to persist.

So what does it really mean to be a beauty professional?

Why Should You Choose Beauty School Anyway?

Maybe you're doing research around the question: How to know if cosmetology school is right for me? Maybe you've been dreaming about beauty school for a while, but a Negative Nelly has you second-guessing yourself. Maybe you're wondering about the viability of a long-term career. Or maybe you're simply a little nervous about "going for it."

Don’t worry. We got you!

How to Succeed in Beauty School

Have you reached that point where everything inside of you is telling you to enroll in beauty school? It's time to make it real. Let us show you how.
Succeed in Beauty School

All Your Beauty School Questions, Answered

You've got questions. We've got answers. As the leader in beauty school education since 1927, we know a thing or two about cosmetology school, licensing, and what to expect once you embark on your career. This article will provide succinct answers to the most common beauty school questions.
All Your Beauty School Questions, Answered

Exam Requirements and Preparation

Our guides have all the information you need to ensure you pass your state boards and are on the way to reach your dreams.

*But remember, every state has different requirements, so be sure to check with your state as well!

The State Board Practical Exam

Almost every state requires some type of practical exam upon completion of your beauty and wellness program. This guide will answer all of your questions about licensing in the beauty industry.
State Board Practical Exam

The State Board Theory Exam

The state theory exam, also known as the written exam, is a test used to validate your knowledge of your field in the beauty and wellness industry: cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, massage therapy, and nail technology. This guide will answer all of your beauty school testing and state board exam questions.
State Board Theory Exam

State Board Exam Study Strategies

After beauty and wellness school, just one thing stands in your way of becoming a practicing beauty pro: your state board licensing exams. Here are some of our proven study strategies when preparing for your state board exams.
State Board Exam Study Strategies