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Whether you’ve been fired or are simply looking to take your career to the next level, switching jobs in the beauty and wellness industry takes strategy and planning. You can have a job or you can build a career; the choice is yours. If you find yourself job hopping frequently, either by choice or by circumstance, it’s going to be more difficult to establish yourself. A job switch is something to be taken seriously as the consequences of your move, both good and bad, can reverberate for months and even years. Before you make a job switch, think through these 5 things.

You Will Lose Business

We know it feels like everyone will follow you if you do leave, but not everyone does. Some won’t like the drive, the new salon, spa, or shop décor, or even your new team members. Some clients may even be looking for an excuse to try someone new.

Multiple Moves Raise a Red Flag to Future Employers

Salon, spa, and shop owners look at your track record and if they see you’ve moved multiple times over the past 1-3 years, they are going to be less enthusiastic about hiring an “at risk” team member.

You May Be the Problem

If you have moved several times and are still not happy, then it’s time to do a checkup from the neck up. The only common denominator in your career choices is you. It’s time to stop and think about what it is you really want, write it down, and go find it.

When It Isn’t Working, Talk it Out

Let’s face it: there are going to be times when you just are not “feeling it,” and the love and newness has worn off. When you get to that point, reflect on what you are feeling and ask yourself, “Is it true and is it real?” If it is, then the only way to work through it is to go to the source and talk it out. If you don’t, it will fester and get worse.

Recognize and Celebrate What Is Working

Look around and appreciate the perks, joys, esthetics, flexibility, team, training, or whatever else is really great about where you work. Sometimes just shifting your thoughts can create a new perspective.

Moving on After Being Fired

What if your job switch is based not on choice but on circumstance and you have been fired? Being fired is extremely stressful, no matter the reason. You can find yourself struggling with all types of emotions ranging from embarrassment, anger, fear, and even depression. If you’re in this sticky situation, follow these steps to turn this potential negative into a positive.

Look to Your Future

It can be difficult getting past the “being fired” part, but you must move on! You have two choices: you can live in a negative space and dwell on the past or you can decide to look to your future and learn from this experience.

Take Ownership

This can be as painful as being fired itself. Spend some time taking a personal inventory of the reasons why you were dismissed. Don’t play the “blame game” and point fingers at others. Take full responsibility and turn this negative experience into a positive learning opportunity for your future. Reach out to mentors or enroll in outside education to help you grow in any areas that are keeping you from the success you are destined to achieve.

Move Forward

It’s time to freshen up your resume and cover letters. Be certain to point out your successes and your strengths. There is no reason to mention your dismissal at this time.


During your interview for a potential new position, be prepared to answer those questions you fear the most like, “Why did you leave your last job?” Honesty is the best policy, but there’s no need to get into a long drawn out conversation about it; keep it brief. Share what you have learned and how you have made a personal commitment to learn and grow from this experience. If you have enrolled in outside education and/or have mentorship in this area be sure to share this information during your interview. For other interview tips, check out this guide.

Being fired from a job can shake a person to their core. It ranks in the top of life’s most stressful situations, but if you take the initiative by enrolling in classes and reaching out to mentors to move past any barriers, you can turn things around. Job switches can happen at any time for a multitude of reasons. It’s up to you to be proactive and always go towards what you want. When you need to make big changes, make sure to do your research and make sure the changes are in the direction of your dreams.

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