Students Benefit From This Partnership

Students who attend a Milady RISE Partner School will graduate with their Milady Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety. With this certification, students not only have an advantage over competition when job searching (since it’s a great resume-builder), but they’re ready to serve clients, provide a voice for the most vulnerable, and make a positive impact on their community.

  • Students = Allies

    Future professionals will serve as their clients’ first line of support in difficult and dangerous situations.

  • Stay Current

    In our industry, trends and issues change at a breakneck pace. It’s important to stay up to speed on the latest standards and best practices in areas that matter to clients.

  • Employers are Looking for It

    We all know how hard it is to stand out. With this certification, future professionals will show employers they go the extra mile.


  • Why should student take the Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety?

    As a future professional in the beauty industry, students are in a unique position to protect public health and—when trained properly—recognize signs of domestic abuse and human trafficking. These are incredibly important issues, particularly when you consider 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes. It is also a great resume-builder to use as a way to stand out against the competition when job searching.

  • How is the Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety Structured?

    This online course is self-paced, and students will have 60 days from code redemption to complete it. It includes the following courses:
    • Practical Infection Control (2 hours)
    • Domestic Abuse Awareness (1 hour)
    • Human Trafficking Awareness (0.5 hour)
    Each course comes with an individual certificate of completion. Once all three courses are completed, your student will get their Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety.

  • Does this certification expire?

    Yes. Because standards and information in the three areas of infection control, domestic abuse awareness, and human trafficking awareness will evolve, your certification will expire after two years.

  • What if my school is not a Milady RISE Partner?

    If your school is not a Milady RISE partner, contact your School Director and encourage them to apply by sending them the following:

    Milady has launched a new Milady RISE Partner School Program that brings awareness to domestic abuse, human trafficking, and practical infection control (a total of 3.5 hours)—for free! This program will allow our school and students like me to be part of the solution.

    Upon successful completion of a self-paced, online course, we will be better equipped to not only provide a safe service but also make a real impact by safely referring and giving voice to the most vulnerable. We will also receive a Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being and Safety to print and add to our resumes.

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