Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety

Protect public health AND learn to recognize when a client might be at risk.

Our Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety covers practical infection control standards while raising awareness in the areas of domestic abuse and human trafficking. Protect your clients, give a voice to the most vulnerable, and make a positive impact on your community. Get certified today!

Price: $29.95
A portion of the proceeds supports causes (see FAQs)
Duration: 3.5 hours
Length of Access: 60 days
Milady RISE Certification
  • Be an Ally

    You're in a unique position to recognize the signs of domestic violence or human trafficking. Learn how to safely help clients in crisis.

  • Make a Difference

    Don't just meet your goals—make a difference that goes well beyond beauty.

  • Inspire Others

    Inspire those around you to make an impact—while also inspiring loyalty among your clients.

You’re just 3.5 hours away from your Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety

This bundle includes:

Infection Control

(2 hours)

Sure, you already did a deep dive into infection control when you attended beauty school. But investing in a refresher makes total sense in the age of COVID-19. Your clients and staff crave reassurance that you're doing everything humanly possible to provide a safe, germ-free space. This two-hour refresher will ensure you're doing exactly that. Learn more.
Infection Control Course

Domestic Abuse Awareness

(1 hour)

The stats are startling: 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience Intimate Partner Violence, the act of physical abuse by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes. At least 5 million acts of domestic abuse occur annually to women aged 18 years and older, with over 3 million involving men. As a beauty professional, you're uniquely positioned to help. Learn how to recognize the signs and what to do next.
Domestic Abuse Awareness Course

Human Trafficking Awareness

(30+ minutes)

Every year, 18,000 - 20,000 victims are trafficked into the United States, and more than half are children, according to the Women's Center-Youth & Family Services. California, Texas, and Florida are the top states for human trafficking, but it can happen anywhere. Again, if you're trained in what to look for, YOU can make a difference.
Human Trafficking Awareness Course

Other opportunities available

Milady RISE Scholarship, Exclusive to RISE-Certified Individuals

Once you're certified in Client Well-Being & Safety—you'll be eligible to apply to win one of the ten $500 scholarships given out twice per year through the Milady RISE Scholarship program!

Become a Milady RISE Partner Salon

Thanks to beauty professionals’ close and trusted relationships with clients, your staff can be a part of the solution. Raise awareness of domestic abuse and human trafficking—just by participating in this program. Make your salon stand out. Make your salon cause-driven. Purchase seats for your staff, today!

Are you ready to take the Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety?


  • Why should I take the Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety?

    As a professional (or future professional) in the beauty industry, you are in a unique position to protect public health and—when trained properly—recognize signs of domestic abuse and human trafficking. These are incredibly important issues, particularly when you consider 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience physical violence by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes. You can help.

  • Why do I need to take infection control when I already studied it in school?

    No doubt, infection control was one of the first topics you learned in school. If you’re a licensed beauty professional, you already practice safety and infection control on a daily basis. But here’s the thing: standards and best practices do evolve (even more so now given the pandemic). Refreshing your knowledge is a smart strategy during uncertain times. Plus, your clients will appreciate—and even expect—to see that you are up-to-date on the latest infection control protocol.

  • Do I get a certificate of completion?

    After each course, you'll get a certificate of completion to show your CE hours. When you complete all three of the courses, check your dashboard for a course called, "Client Safety & Well-Being." This is where you can download your Milady RISE Certificate.

  • How much does this certification cost?

    The certification costs $29.95.

  • Where do the proceeds of this certification go?

    One-third of the proceeds go to the Polaris Project, the organization behind the Human Trafficking Hotline, and the Professional Beauty Association's (PBA) CUT IT OUT®, a program dedicated to mobilizing salon and spa professionals, students and others to fight domestic violence in communities across the United States.

    The rest of the funds are used to partially offset costs of running two programs:
    1. RISE Partner School program. Provides FREE access to Human Trafficking Awareness, Domestic Violence Awareness, and practical Infection Control to beauty program students through their school.
    2. RISE Scholarship (managed by the Professional Beauty Association). A yearly fund of $10,000 (two entry periods, twenty $500 scholarship recipients per year) for students and industry professionals who completed all three courses and got RISE Certified in Client Well-Being and Safety.

  • How long does it take to get certified?

    The Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete. The infection Control course is 2 hours. The Domestic Abuse Awareness course is 1 hour. The Human Trafficking Awareness course is .5 hours. Each course has a final exam at the end.

  • What are the final exams like?

    Each exam tests you on the content you learned in the specific course. • The infection control exam consists of 25 questions.
    • The domestic abuse awareness exam consists of 10 questions.
    • The human trafficking awareness exam consists of 5 questions.

    Each exam is “served up” to you automatically after you complete the course. You can choose to take it right away, or you can wait until a convenient time. That said, we encourage you to take each exam as soon as you complete a course.

    You must achieve a 70% score on EACH final exam to pass and become Milady RISE Certified in Client Well-Being & Safety. If you fail an exam, you can retake it.

  • Does this certification expire?

    Yes. Because standards and information in the three areas of infection control, domestic abuse awareness, and human trafficking awareness will evolve, your certification will expire after two years.

  • How long is my access to this certification?

    Once you purchase this course, you'll have 60 days to complete it.

  • Once I complete all three courses (Domestic Abuse Awareness, Human Trafficking Awareness, and Infection Control), how do I download my Milady RISE Certificate in Client Well-Being & Safety?

    After you've completed all three courses, to download, print or share your Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety follow these steps:
    1. Sign in to your Milady Training account
    2. Navigate to “My Dashboard”
    3. You should see a course called “Client Safety & Well Being,” please click into that course
    4. Read the paragraph and click “Complete & Continue”
    5. You will now be able to download your certificate in the upper left-hand corner, or navigate to the “Certificates” page under “My Account”
    If you have any additional questions after following the steps above, please submit a ticket at