Get your salon team Milady RISE Certified in Client Well-Being & Safety

Whether your salon is large or small, we're here to help. Decide how many professionals you want to train and choose the option right for you.

Up to 10 seats


50% off regular price
$15.00 per seat (regularly $29.95)
1/3 of proceeds donated to causes
Valid for one year after purchase

Up to 25 seats


57% off regular price
$13.00 per seat (regularly $29.95)
1/3 of proceeds donated to causes
Valid for one year after purchase

Up to 50 seats


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1/3 of proceeds donated to causes
Valid for one year after purchase

Up to 100 seats


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1/3 of proceeds donated to causes
Valid for one year after purchase
Track employee progress and course completions (up to 5 locations)

100+ seats

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If you need to purchase more than 100 seats, please contact us.

Options include:
  • Track employee progress and course completions (for each location)
  • The ability to customize courses
  • A white-labeled experience

  • Your Staff = Allies

    Your staff will serve as their clients’ first line of support in difficult and dangerous situations.

  • Stay Current

    In our industry, trends and issues change at a breakneck pace. It’s important to stay up to speed on the latest standards and best practices in areas that matter to clients.

  • Differentiate Your Salon

    Do you want the best of the best working for you? Then you need to stand out. You need to be cause-driven. Raise awareness of important causes, and help your staff to make a difference.

Make your salon stand out, make your salon cause-driven and commit to make this difference.

Your staff wants to make a positive impact—now you can help.

Infection Control (2 hours)

Sure, you already did a deep dive into infection control when you attended beauty school. But investing in a refresher makes total sense in the age of COVID-19. All employees should be properly trained on Infection Control (now more than ever) and it needs to be prioritized in the salon. Your clients and staff crave reassurance that you’re doing everything you can to provide a safe, germ-free space. This two-hour refresher will ensure you’re doing exactly that. Learn more.

Infection Control Course

Domestic Abuse Awareness (1 hour)

The stats are startling: 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience Intimate Partner Violence, the act of physical abuse by their intimate partner at some point during their lifetimes. At least 5 million acts of domestic abuse occur annually to women aged 18 years and older, with over 3 million involving men. As a beauty professional, you’re uniquely positioned to help. Learn how to recognize the signs and what to do next.

Domestic Abuse Awareness Course

Human Trafficking Awareness (30+ minutes)

Every year, 18,000 - 20,000 victims are trafficked into the United States, and more than half are children, according to the Women’s Center-Youth & Family Services. California, Texas, and Florida are the top states for human trafficking, but it can happen anywhere. Again, if you’re trained in what to look for, YOU can make a difference.
Human Trafficking Awareness Course


  • Why should my staff be certified in Client Well-Being & Safety?

    Professionals in the beauty industry are in a unique position to protect public health and—when trained properly—recognize signs of domestic abuse and human trafficking. These are incredibly important issues that our industry needs to recognize so that we can be part of the solution.

  • How is the Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety structured?

    This online course is self-paced for your staff. It includes 3 courses: Practical Infection Control (2 hours) Domestic Abuse Awareness (1 hour) Human Trafficking Awareness (0.5 hour). Following each course, your staff will receive an instant certificate of completion. Once all three courses are complete they will receive their Milady RISE Certification in Client Well-Being & Safety.

  • Where do the proceeds go for the Client Well-Being & Safety Program?

    A third of the proceeds are donated to support these causes. The other 2/3 are used to fund our Milady RISE Partner School Program, where we offer this content free for students to ensure they are ready to handle these situations post-licensure.

  • What will the experience be for my staff?

    Your Salon Owner will receive a unique link for your salon to share with staff as a required or optional assignment. Once accessed, your staff will create a free (or use their existing) account and enroll in the certification course at no cost (since the salon has already paid) using the code that will be sent to the Salon Owner. These codes will last up to one year, and can be redeemed by any staff member.

    Upon completion, each employee will receive a Milady RISE Certificate that can be downloaded as a PDF or shared as a web link.

  • Can the Salon Owner see the staff's progress of the certification completion?

    Yes. This is included in the price if you purchase up to 100 seats (for 5 locations). If you purchase 100+ seats this will be available for all locations. A salon that purchases under 100 seats can purchase this at an additional fee. Please contact us at

    Also, each employee will receive their own certificate of completion (PDF or a sharable web link).

  • Do these seats expire? Does the certification expire?

    Yes. The available seats expire after one year of no redemption and certifications expire after two years of completion.