Infection Control (3-Hour Course)

Online Course for Professionals

Your clients want extra reassurance when it comes to infection control measures and safe work practices. This course covers salon, spa, and shop health and safety by exploring how to identify problem areas, how to plan for issues before they arise, how to be more effective in your infection control and chemical safety efforts, and more. We'll also emphasize the importance of not only making a prevention plan, but getting your whole team of beauty professionals to commit to it. While there's a lot you can do yourself, it takes a crew to create a lasting environment of prevention.

Price: $27.95
Course Length: 3 hours
Length of Access: 60 days
  • Thrive in Your Career

    Brush up on the latest infection control procedures and standards. This course's interactive activities, engaging videos, and fun quizzes will take your knowledge to the next level.

  • Reassure Your Clients

    Show your clients you are committed to their safety and make a difference that goes well beyond beauty.

  • Learn At Your Own Pace

    You'll have access to this class for 60 days. Stop and start as your schedule allows. Don't worry—your progress will be saved.

What to Expect

This course will take you through the following:

An Environment of Prevention: Why prevention, safety, and the assessment of needs are critical for a salon, spa, or shop.

Disinfection: Defines how specific equipment, tools, and supplies should be cared for, cleaned, and disinfected.

Occupational Health: Recognize occupational health risks, and identify contagious diseases & modes of transmission.

Personal Protection: How to apply effective personal protection should you come in contact with an infectious disease.

Multidrug-Resistant Organisms (MDRO): Cover multiple drug-resistant organisms, and carry out first response, including the protection of open wounds.

Show your clients that you're committed to their safety.


  • I learned infection control in school. Why should I take this course?

    You are correct. Infection control was one of the first topics you learned in school. You are already trained and licensed to protect clients and have already been practicing safety and infection control on a daily basis. With the presence of COVID-19, why not refresh your knowledge and give your clients that extra assurance you are committed to their safety and well-being. Your clients will appreciate—even expect—to see that you are up-to-date on the latest infection control protocol.

  • Does the certification ever expire?

    Yes. The course expires 2 years from the day you complete and pass the course. With an important course like this, you should always have the best, most up-to-date information.

  • How is this course structured?

    This course will begin with an introduction of what to expect. Then you will have the chance to download resources that you may want to reference during the course. Once that is complete you can view the course that consists of 5 lessons. After the course there will be a 25-question final exam, once you pass with a 70%+, you can download your certificate of completion.

  • Is there a final exam for this course?

    Yes, there is a 25 question final exam at the end of this course. You need at least a 70% (18 out of 25 correct) to obtain your certificate of completion. To prepare for this course, You simply sign up, understand, and retain the material. As long as you understand the material throughout the course, you will pass the exam. Don't worry, if you fail, you can retake the test as many times as needed to achieve your passing grade.

  • Will I get a certificate of completion?

    Yes. Immediately following the final exam you’ll be able to download your certificate of completion.

  • Is this different than the Infection Control (2-Hour) Course offered by Milady Training?

    This course contains some of the same information offered in the Infection Control (2-Hour) Course. However, the 3-Hour course offers more information that is critical in the salon, spa or shop. Plus, it's an additional hour of CE credit.