Distance & Blended Learning

With schools now offering blended education, the question becomes how can you create a permanent, workable blended program of study? And how can you keep your students engaged in a virtual classroom?

Educator Personal Development

Are you looking to become a better educator? It doesn't matter if you are brand-new to the industry or a seasoned professional. These courses focus on a variety of characteristics that are required to become a successful educator.

Relationships & Classroom Management

These online courses will arm you with the tools needed to engage in sound relationships with learners, colleagues, and the community. You'll also learn how to translate these relationship skills into managing a successful classroom.

Upcoming Live Webinars

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    FreeLessons You Love to Hate

    Date: December 6, 2021 at 12:00PM EST/ 9:00AM PST.
    Presenter: Lisha Barnes
    Duration: 1-hour

    Let’s face it, we all have subjects we love to teach and ones that we love to hate! Some classes aren’t quite as fun to teach as others…or at least that is what we say. This webinar will walk you through how to prepare, plan, and deliver the most challenging subjects. You'll discover how to spice up those lessons we love to hate and help turn them into lessons you (and your students) absolutely love.
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