Inspire the next generation of beauty professionals.

Our comprehensive menu of courses will teach you how to share your own brilliance with the many different types of learners filling today's classrooms.

Each course counts as one credit towards your Milady Master Educator Certification. Think highly interactive, participant-centered classes designed to show you how to improve student engagement and success—and help you thrive as an instructor.
Milady Instructor Online Courses

Teaching Methodology, Presentation Methods and Learner Styles

These online courses give you the tools needed to develop your skills. Learn effective and critical techniques that work for all teaching styles and fit every learner.

Engagement & Motivation

Let's face it, it's hard to keep students engaged. But every day educators are given a new opportunity to invigorate, refresh, energize, enlighten, and truly engage their learners. These courses will give you tips & tricks that you can use in your classroom to engage & motivate your students (yes, even the most unengaged learner).

Relationships & Classroom Management

These online courses will arm you with the tools needed to engage in sound relationships with learners, colleagues, and the community. You'll also learn how to translate these relationship skills into managing a successful classroom.

Student Salon & Business

You're molding the future of our industry. Acquire the knowledge needed to transform the lives of your students. Learn how to assist your students in developing a solid client base using referrals, rebooking, ticket upgrading and so much more.

Upcoming Live Webinars

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    Lead from the Front: Part Two

    Leadership is one of your greatest attributes as an educator. Last month, we talked about 5 characteristics of great leaders (creative thinking, effective decision making, viewing problems as opportunities, embracing change, and accountability). Join us on March 27th at 12PM ET for a free webinar, as we will look at 5 more characteristics that make a great leader and discuss how you can embrace all 10 characteristics to become an even better educator.

    Please note: You did not need to attend the first part of this course in order to participate in the second.
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